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It has been little over a year since Harcourt Developments Ltd. (HDL), a significant Dublin-based real estate and commercial developer (see Web Link), acquired Bahamia Service Company (BSC) as well as the Authority of the Bahamia Development and at that time promised to up-grade Bahamia to a caliber that would even exceed its former years’ status in Freeport.

With HDL’s other Bahamia real estate properties it acquired, their plans to develop these has already started. A typical comment from the owner of Harcourt has been, “we are here for the long haul and Bahamia will become our prime development.” The local company, Harcourt Developments (Bahamas) Ltd., has designated that BSC will not only provide their up-grade plans for Bahamia but in short order commence with the enforcement of the Development’s Restrictive Covenants. Collectively, this will have the affect of increasing property values in Bahamia but most importantly, it will improve the living environment for the residents.

Landowners will now be able to access BSC’s Web Site and be kept abreast of on-going Bahamia projects by our regularly published electronic “Bahamia Bulletin”, the first of which you are viewing now.



Nina Gate South Mall Drive

Bahamia Service Company (BSC) has commenced with the project to up-grade all of the Bahamia Entrances as part of its commitment to improve and up-grade the Development overall.

The inset pictures reflect the Nina Avenue Entrance off of South Mall Drive in Bahamia South which will be known as the “Nina Gate”. All of the other Bahamia Entrances will be similarly up-graded as well. All of the up-graded Entrances in Bahamia will be appropriately landscaped.

It is hoped that the landowners and residents of Bahamia will start to take pride in the Development especially with maintaining their own properties since Harcourt and BSC are actively moving ahead with their planned Development improvements as this “Bulletin” reflects.


An ambitious project of enhancing the Medians of the Dual Carriageways in Bahamia is clearly underway. All of these Medians throughout the Development will be curbed and landscaped starting with Pinta Avenue (see inset pictures) at South Mall Drive.

Some of the old trees that have no appeal or have grown too tall and are masking the street lighting will be removed and lower profile aesthetically pleasing trees or palms will be planted in their place. This is clearly a further example of Harcourt’s and Bahamia Service Company’s commitment to the enhancement of Bahamia.

Pinta Avenue Curbing


Lakeview Drive

Bahamia Service Company (BSC) has contracted with Freeport Construction to begin its 10-year roadway resurfacing program for Bahamia. It is BSC’s intent to schedule the resurfacing of the most distressed roadways, or portions thereof, in the Development. Initially for the 2005 budget year, BSC has already started with Lakeview Drive, Greenway Drive and Greenway Court in the Bahamia West Replat Subdivision, (see inset pictures). In short order, BSC will schedule to resurface a portion of Ellis Lightfoot Avenue, near West Sunrise Highway in Bahamia North. A portion of Pinehurst Drive adjacent to Pinta Avenue in Bahamia South is next in line followed by Pinta Avenue, from South Mall Drive to the circle at Dundee Bay Drive after the curbing has been completed to this point. BSC expects this work to be completed by the end of this year.

In budget year 2006, again the more distressed roadway’s in Bahamia are scheduled for resurfacing, i.e. Doubloon Drive, Rum Cay Drive and the balance of Pinehurst Drive in Bahamia South and Montrose Drive, Westview Drive and a portion of Aberdeen Drive near Pinta Avenue in the Bahamia West Replat Subdivision.

It should now be very evident to the landowners and residents of Bahamia that Harcourt/BSC is quite serious about its up-grade program for the Bahamia Development. Other projects are also in the planning stage that the residents in Bahamia have formerly told us about and we hear you. Besides the resurfacing, the mention of “Parks” rings loudest and again, BSC hears you but remember all these improvements take money. Money we receive in the form of Service Charges from the landowners. Bear in mind that the one sure way to “accelerate” these improvements in Bahamia is for all of our clients to bring their accounts current. If you all do, we could reduce the timing of the 10-year resurfacing program considerably. In addition, BSC can create the parks you want in short order, quicker enhancement of the roadway landscaping and initiate many more projects we presently have on the drawing board to make Bahamia, your residential Development, the envy of Grand Bahama. Think of it, where will your property values go to?



For those landowners and residents who still may not be familiar with our Administration, Operation and Engineering Offices, we are located at Bahama Bay Marina on Dundee Bay Drive in Bahamia South. We are the “last driveway” on the left “before” you cross over the bridge (causeway) on the way to Xanadu Beach. Our telephone and fax numbers are (242) 351-5063 and (242) 351-5064 respectively.


All architectural plans for any development of properties in Bahamia must be submitted to Bahamia Service Company (BSC), Attention Mr. Bernie Davis, Operations Manager, for approval and stamping prior to submission to the Grand Bahama Port Authority Technical Division for the Building Permit.

Bahamia landowners are reminded that their service charge account with BSC, respective to the property being developed, must be current before any approval and stamping is provided by BSC.

Commencing October 1, 2005 the following fee structure, payment at the time of the plans submittal, for BSC’s drawing review, approval and stamping will be in effect.

  • Single Family & Duplex $ 30
  • Multi-Family (6-8 Plex) $ 40
  • Condominium (20 units) $ 50
  • Condominium (Hi-Rise) $100
  • Tourist Commercial
    (Hotel, Timeshare, etc.) $300
  • Retail Commercial (Mall) $200
  • Revisions to Existing Plans $ 25


Bahamia Service Company (BSC) would again like to remind the Bahamia landowners how very important it is to ensure that their Service Charge Accounts remain current with BSC. In order for BSC to maintain the Development and provide the desired improvements, the landowners must do their part and pay their Service Charges. You will have to admit, as it is quite evident, that Harcourt and BSC are certainly doing their part as they promised.

We are sure all the Bahamia landowners desire to live in a Development where everybody is contributing fairly to its support and not depend upon only those who continue to remain current and carry an unfair burden than those who don’t. If any landowner is honestly experiencing financial hardship, we invite you to come in and discuss it with us and maybe we can help with an equitable payment plan to get you current. Ignoring the debt will not make it go away and may, as a last resort by BSC, jeopardize your ownership in your property, whether it is developed or not. Our door is always open.

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